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Our Explorer shirt gives you the courage

to overcome your limits.

Leave your comfort zone, broaden your horizons and give others the chance to realize their dreams.

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Recipes - from friends - for friends - with a charitable purpose.

100% of the profits go to Welthungerhilfe .

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Who actually determines that a piece of clothing is male or female?

Who says pink is a girl
and blue is a boy color?

Why should men
Don't wear crop tops?

Fashion has no gender.

Fashion has no limits.

It is important to us at HIC SUNT LEONES that everyone has the chance to express themselves and their personality as they want.

That is why all of us are our products

Wear what makes you happy.

Respect diversity!

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Our collection is inexpensive.
Because our goal is to encourage young people to show solidarity and
Donate to educational projects for children from the Global South by purchasing from us.
Overcome your limits and enable others to realize their dreams.

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Financial support for the rehabilitation center

A new rehabilitation center with an outpatient surgical intervention room is currently being built in Friedensdorf and is expected to be completed in spring 2021. Outpatient interventions, such as minor hand surgery and orthopedic operations, are to be carried out there. The interventions are carried out by doctors and anesthetists on a voluntary basis. This means that the children no longer have to go to hospital for minor interventions. With the construction, a new cooperation with the hospitals should become possible, in which the clinics can be relieved, but not replaced. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer hospitals are willing to offer our protégés free treatment. The reasons include, for example, increased cost pressure and a lack of staff in the clinics.

So the new building is an important step in getting the urgent help

for children from war and crisis areas in the future.

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